Press release - 03.12.15

World‘s first StartStick starts the engines

Quite often external ground power units are used to startup engines of helicopters or
other aircraft. This procedure spare you airborne battery, especially at cold weather conditions
and safes the power of the airborne battery for emergencies. Moreover, engines are
spooled to more revolutions per second, before fuel is injected. This result in cooler engine
temperatures, hence the lifetime of the engine is extended.

However, conventional ground power units contain lead batteries and weigh up to 30 –
40 kg. This heavy weight hinders to take the huge ground power units within the aircraft.
The StartStick combines the outstanding performance of traditional ground power units
with the featherweight of lithium- ion batteries. In Numbers: The StartStick weighs only
4.5 kg and is 43 cm long, but delivers the same amount of power as customary ground
power units.

It is handy and easy to use world’s first StartStick. Simply plug the StartStick into aircrafts
external ground power socket and spool your engine. You can start your engine up to five
times, dependent to engine’s power. All important data, such as Amperes and charge status
are displayed on the integrated LCD screen. Once the engines were started successfully,
the StartStick can be recharged through the mains power socket or simply within the
aircraft during flight. The integrated microprocessor controls all charging, discharging and
trickle charging processes.

There is a variety of accessories like helicopter specific charging cables or transport bags
available and the StartStick is UNDOT certified, which means that it proof for air transport.